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Bill Kester, Certified Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapy, Esalen

Rates and Services


(effective April 1, 2016)

  • 60 minutes     $85
  • 75 minutes     $105
  • 90 minutes     $125
Multi-session rates available!
Please contact Bill directly to inquire or purchase.

New Gift Cards available! Ask Bill for particulars.

Payment Options: Cash, Personal Check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.  



Professional Services

Deep Structural Bodywork - focuses on the aches and pains you want to get free from.  It involves functional body reading, deep tissue and myofascial work, facilitated stretching, joint mobilization, and trigger point release to relieve conditions brought on by injury, strenuous exercise or repetitive stress.  Usually an oiled massage with clients draped professionally.  60, 75, or 90 minutes.

Esalen® Masssage - intuitively integrating, meditative and relaxing with long strokes, facilitated joint movement, attention to the breath and detailed focus in areas needing special work.  This is traditionally an oiled massage with clients draped professionally. 90 minutes recommended.

Visionary Craniosacral Work - subtle intuitive work supporting a clear head, an open heart in a body free from pain. It often provides relief for headaches, temporal-mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction or insomnia.  May be helpful with deeper, older, more complex symptoms stemming from childbirth, grief, betrayal, abuse, illness, traumatic injury (PTSD), or aspects of life transitions.  Clients wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing during this treatment.  90 minutes strongly recommended.

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