Bill Kester Healing Arts

Bill Kester, Certified Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapy, Esalen


Are you ready to experience a deeper kind of healing touch?

Have you literally been "aching for a good massage?" But not just a formulaic relaxing session -- one that addresses your specific issues!

Do you have sore or aching muscles in neck or shoulders; low back pain, perhaps even with pain running down the leg?

Do you experience Temporal-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) pain or discomfort?

Perhaps you have repetitive stress injury or a traumatic injury (new or old) with lingering physical or emotional effects.

Or do you get migraine or tension headaches?

Or maybe you just feel stressed out and want to let go of everyday cares?

Whether the origin of your discomfort is work, exercise, accident trauma, personal relationships, grief, life transitions, or self-image, Bill Kester has helped hundreds of clients with issues like yours.

Bill's knowing, deep and gentle touch will help you unravel the soreness, free stiffness, release chronic pain triggers, let go of old physical and emotional wounds.  At the end of each visit you will feel more like the self you want to be!


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